DW launches the Pi Piccolo snare

DW has announced a new Collector’s Series snare drum in the form of the Pi: a 3.14”-deep piccolo snare inspired by Pi (or π). 

The Pi is available in any of the company’s California Custom Shop diameters, with the depth remaining a constant, however DW is also offering a 14” diameter shell made from Space Carbon™, a high-grade material that DW says is up-cycled from private sector space program manufacturing.

DW has added a newly-designed mini turret lug, as well as its Mini-Mag throwoff, designed especially for drums with a depth shallower than 4.5”. Also included on the Pi include DW 3.0 steel True Hoops, 3P three-position butt plate, True-Pitch 50 tension rods, 20-strand True-Tone snare wires and DW by Remo heads.  

DW president and drum designer, John Good says of the Pi, “We’ve been wanting to engineer some new hardware that would allow us to accommodate shallower depths. 

"Rich Sikra and his design team did an outstanding job on the new lug and Mini MAG.  We even designed a new mini Collector’s badge to fit these drums. So many of our top artists are interested in new and unique sounds these days; this new Pi drum has its own sonic character”.

“This drum is sensitive and has its own tonal character depending on the shell material chosen, but it’s also a shotgun! I mean this thing is loud!”

The DW Pi Piccolo Snare starts at $799.

Stuart Williams

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