Dubreq’s Stylophone Gen R-8 is ready to ship

(Image credit: Dubreq)

Dubreq’s latest iteration of the classic stylophone is now available to purchase. The Gen R-8, announced at NAMM in January, combines the classic contact-keyboard design with 19 brand new CV/Gate patch points, making it the first semi modular synth in the Stylophone family.

The Gen R-8 is the sequel to 2017’s Gen X-1 and features a 3-octave keyboard, dual VCOs (plus an eight waveform LFO), a 16 step sequencer and built in delay. Dubreq says this latest offering is “aimed at serious musicians and synth fans alike”. 

The addition of 19 patch points make this an enticing option for the growing band of modular fans too, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into a modular setup. Of course the Gen R-8 will also feature the iconic touch sensitive keyboard the Stylophone is known for.

Though the Gen R-8 is now available to order, it’s worth noting that the actual shipping of units will not begin until 4th November and “there may be a delay whilst your unit is literally on the assembly line”. So don’t expect next day delivery! 

The Stylophone Gen R-8 is available from Dubreq’s website now and is currently retailing at £299.99.