Dubreq launches pocket-sized drum machine Stylophone BEAT

Dubreq has announced the release of Stylophone BEAT, an affordable, pocket-sized drum machine featuring the same stylus-based design as its flagship Stylophone synthesizer. 

The drum machine offers four drum kits that can be played by tapping different segments of the touch-sensitive interface with the attached stylus. Stylophone BEAT can also play four bass sounds.

You're able to record, layer and loop drum patterns, mute individual sounds, change the overall tempo and quantize your beats. Stylophone BEAT has an onboard speaker and is battery-operated, so you can take it anywhere. 

That's about it, really - the main draw of the original Stylophone was its cutesy simplicity, and that's also the case with the BEAT, which is a nifty and affordable little music-making device that's made for simple, fun beatmaking. 

This isn't the first drum machine in the Stylophone family; the now-discontinued Stylophone Beatbox sported a similar interface to the BEAT but fewer features.

Stylophone BEAT will be released in September, but Dubreq is taking pre-orders and has 'limited units available'. The drum machine is priced at £29.95/€34.95/$39.95.

Listen to a sound demo below or pre-order Stylophone BEAT from Dubreq's website.

Matt Mullen
Tech Features Editor

I'm the Tech Features Editor for MusicRadar, working on everything from artist interviews to tech tutorials. I've been writing about (and making) electronic music for over a decade, and when I'm not behind my laptop keyboard, you'll find me behind a MIDI keyboard or a synthesizer. 

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