Young drummers aim for Samba world record

1,500 kids aim to smash record
1,500 kids aim to smash record (Image credit: Ray McMahon/Corbis)

More than 1,500 children will become the world's largest ever Samba band for a special record attempt next week.

The youngsters, aged between seven and 16 and from 27 schools in London, will pick up the sticks and indulge in a little drumming as they looked to break the world record for the largest Samba band. The record attempt aims to highlight the plight of street children around the world.

The performance is the culmination of weeks of hard work by the pupils who have been taking part in a 10-week intensive samba course with Inspire-works facilitators to prepare for the attempt on the world record.

All the instruments have been supplied by Contemporânea from Brazil, whose professional gear is distributed in the U.K. by SVM Percussion.

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Rich Chamberlain

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