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Yamaha's HG6T46RM Rick Marotta Signature Hipgig Set

Pack it up? That's the general idea.
Pack it up? That's the general idea.

Hey, we know the feeling: You've got a gig across town, but you're so damn tired of lugging around that 300-piece Neil Peart kit on the back of your Vespa. Of course, Neil's got well-compensated drum-luggers (that's tech-talk) for that sort of thing. But you? All you've got is little ol' you.

Relax. Yamaha has come to the rescue with the HG6T46RM Rick Marotta Signature Hipgig set, a complete kit that can be packed into two compact cases for easy transport. Marotta, for decades one of the most in-demand players in the business, having worked with John Lennon, Aretha Franklin, Paul Simon, Jackson Browne, Todd Rundgren, Stevie Nicks, among others, always dreamed of having a top-quality drum set that he could bring to a session or a gig with minimal fuss. The HG6T46RM brings all of those elements together.

Both toms, the snare drum, and two cymbal holders attach to the bass drum by means of three pipe clamps. When packed up, the two tom toms and snare drum fit neatly into the two-piece bass drum while all hardware fits into the drum stool. Both the stool and bass drum fit into separate soft cases for transport. The triple tom holder accommodates two toms as well as a cymbal holder to provide a wide variety of set up possibilities. Add-on toms are available. The set comes complete with Yamaha's highly regarded hardware, and all drums are fitted with special Remo heads.

With a list price of $4,219.00 US, one might have to be playing with the greats to afford this set. But if you're a serious, working musician whose always on the go, this is one kit that might make your travels just a bit easier -- and then you can focus on the music for once!