Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer team up for a show

U Sure Can't Touch This...can you?
U Sure Can't Touch This...can you?

In MusicRadar's WTF? news of the day, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice are teaming up for a one-night-only show called Hammer Pants And Ice.

Before you bust out your credit card to scoop up those much-sought-after tickets, be advised: the show is at the McKay Events Center in Orem, Utah (no, we never heard of it either) and it takes place 27 February at 8:00pm sharp.

And here's the really big news: MC Hammer is bringing 24 dancers and a full choir. That's right, it's a big show all right. It's Hammer Time!

As far as we know, Vanilla Ice is just bringing himself and his God-given talent. But that's enough, right?

Long, long ago...

Actually, there was a time when the two were considered superstars. In 1990, Vanilla Ice's debut album To The Extreme bum-rushed MC Hammer's Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em for the Number One spot on the Billboard chart. And now they're together! Think about it...

Actually, while you're booking your flight to Orem, Utah, let's stroll down memory lane and relive those good old days. Check out these video gems.

First a little Hammer Time...

And then a little Ice Ice Baby.

You're booking that flight now, aren't you?

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