Travis Barker talks Yelawolf collaboration

Travis in action
Travis in action (Image credit: Adam Gasson)

Travis Barker has spoken to Rolling Stone about his collaboration with fast-rising rap star Yelawolf.

The pair have just put together the five-track Psycho White EP.

"We clicked from the time we first met," Barker tells Rolling Stone. "We just had a bunch in common, whether it be cars or skateboarding or tattoos."

It seems that the rapper was pretty impressed, as well.

Discussing the sessions which led to the song 'Whistle Dixie', Yelawolf said: "Travis broke out the marching snare and just started cranking out the drum pattern. And I was like, this shit is f***in' bananas."

You can take a listen to the EP for yourself right here. For more from Travis pick up the September issue of Rhythm, which contains an interview with the blink-182 sticksman.

Rich Chamberlain

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