Tommy Aldridge rejoins Whitesnake

Neal Preston/CORBIS
Neal Preston/CORBIS (Image credit: Tommy and his old mate Ozzy!)

Tommy Aldridge has rejoined Whitesnake.

The veteran sticksman, famed for spells with Ozzy Osbourne (check the pic of Tommy at Ozzy's wedding for proof!), Gary Moore and many more as well as the Snake, replaces Brian Tichy.

Tichy recently announced plans to leave the band in order to concentrate on his own outfit, SUN.

On the recruitment of Aldridge, frontman David Coverdale said: "When I asked all the band members to put together their wishlist of potential drummers for us, every one, without exception, had TA [Aldridge] at the top of the list.

"Also, most of the fans who communicated their suggestions on wanted Tommy back in the band ... So, without further ado, we are delighted to welcome him back with us ... It seems it is our destiny to work together ... This is going to be so much fun ... Welcome back, TA!!!"

Rich Chamberlain

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