The 5 greatest ever drum battles

(Image credit: Ray McMahon/Corbis)

It was last week revealed that Chad Smith and Will Ferrell are to face off with a highly anticipated drum battle, but the pair aren't the first to duke it out behind the kit, y'know.

Nope, there's been plenty of drummer vs drummer duels down the years. Will Smith vs Ferrell match up to any of these?

Gene Krupa vs Buddy Rich

The classic. Two all two greats get behind the kit and do battle. Captivating viewing.

Thomas Lang vs Mike Terrana - Meinl Drum Festival

Technique galore and a little humour as well from this Meinl Drum Festival clip.

Sully Erna vs Shannon Larkin

Godsmack bandmates Sully Erna and Shannon Larkin go head to head here.

Lars Ulrich vs James Hetfield

And the Godsmak duo aren't the only pair from the same band to dive into a drum battle. How's about this from Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield?

Derek Roddy vs Eric Moore

We love metal drumming. We love gospel chops. But which is better? There's only one way to find out…

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