Shields - Guilt drum playthrough

In this exclusive video Alex Rayner, drummer with fast-rising UK metal band Shields, plays through the band's brutal track Guilt.

The hammering-ly heavy Guilt is centre-piece of an EP of the same name that the band put out earlier this year.

"Guilt is not only my favourite track on our latest EP but my favourite to play live," says Alex. "The raw energy of the track will always get my heart racing and the crowd always goes nuts!It's brutal and I always look forward to that part in our set."

Gear-wise, Alex needs equipment that will stand up to the band's tour schedule and he currently goes for Gretsch drums ("it takes the smallest effort to get amazing sound") and a mixture of metals.

"I'm using a combination of cymbals brands at the moment which include a Meinl hats, Zildjian china and a small Stagg china as the bottom half of my stack," explains the drummer.

"Everything else is Sabian, I have the 16 and 18 inch versions of the AAX metal crash's and a 16" AAX Ozone as the top of my stack. They're not only durable but also sound incredible in the studio and on stage, which is all you ever want from your gear."

Check out our exclusive Guilt playthrough video above and catch the band on their UK tour this week.

Shields UK tour dates

  • 17 September - Barfly, London
  • 18 September - Exile, Plymouth
  • 19 September - Met Lounge, Peterborough
  • 20 September - Riverside, Sheffield
  • 21 September - Audio, Glasgow
  • 22 September - Head Of Steam, Newcastle
  • 23 September - Tech Noir, Stoke
  • 24 September - Fuel Bar, Cardiff
  • 25 September - Ex Servicemens, Corby
  • 26 September - Vic Inn, Derby
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