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Featuring the 101 Greatest Drum Intros of All Tim
Featuring the 101 Greatest Drum Intros of All Tim

As we all know, all great music starts with the drums - sometimes literally. Rhythm rounds up a ton-plus-one of the greatest drum intros, lead-in fills and pick-ups ever recorded.

From Dave Grohl's iconic 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' fill to the frantic tom smashing of Rat Scabies that brings in 'New Rose', we've rounded up the finest 101 drum intros of all time. Plus, you can learn how to play the top ten!


Tony Allen (Afrobeat pioneer)

Hannah Ford (Prince)

Andy Burrows

Shannon Larkin (Godsmack)

Mike Portnoy

Patrick Carney (Black Keys)

Anton Fig

Bill Stevenson (All, The Descendents)


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Learn to play the ten greatest drum intros of all time, including 'My Hero' by Foo Fighters, Rush's 'Spirit of Radio', Van Halen's 'Hot For Teacher' and more. You can also learn how to play 'Ace of Spades' by Motörhead and 'Shame' by Joan As Police Woman. Plus, there's all of your usual favourite lessons from Colin Woolway, Adam Bushell, Pete Riley, Ajay Naik, Jason Bowld, Erik Stams, Mike Sturgis and more.


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