Neal Wilkinson joins Sakae roster

UK session veteran Neal Wilkinson has joined the Sakae artist roster.

Wilkinson joins fellow recent recruit (and former clinic tour buddy) Ash Soan as Sakae players.

Neal said: "I've been waiting to play these drums for a long time. The classic 3-ply shell with reinforcement rings has been heard for decades and is by far my favorite drum sound. Stylistically, they are perfect for any music, as they sound great at any tuning. Beautiful drums to play, hear and see."

Neal will be using Sakae's three-ply maple, poplar, maple Trilogy Series drums in the following sizes - 12"x8" tom, 14"x14" and 16"x16" floor toms, 22"x14" bass drum.

For more information head here.

Rich Chamberlain

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