NAMM 2013 VIDEO: Gavin Harrison presents his signature Sonor Protean snare drums

NAMM 2013: Famed Porcupine Tree sticksman Gavin Harrison, known for his richly artistic, highly nuanced playing, has just unveiled two new signature snare drums from Sonor called the Gavin Harrison Protean snares.

Harrison has put the same thought and attention to detail into the construction of the Protean snares as he does his drumming. Two sizes are available (14" x 5.25" and 12" x 5"), both with easily changeable, specially designed snare wires. We stopped by the Sonor booth to chat with Harrison, and in the video above, he walks us through every aspect of the Protean, including his own unique tuning system - and yes, he's even come up with custom tuning keys.

For more information, head to Sonor.

Si Truss

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