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Meinl launches new Turbo Cajon

Meinl Turbo Cajon
Meinl Turbo Cajon

PRESS RELEASE: The new Meinl Turbo Cajon (patent pending) is yet another example of Meinl's leading position in innovating new and creative features for this widely popular instrument.

The upper corners of the cajon have deeply cut channels with castanet-like striking surfaces. This produces a reinforced slap effect that can be controlled with hand pressure.

Material Frontplate and resonating Body: Red Oak (Quercus rubra).


  • Castanet-like striking surface (patent pending)
  • Internal snare wires
  • Wide sound options
  • Finish Matte

Retail Price Turbo Cajon CAJ4RO-M $380.00

For more information, visit Meinl's official site

Information taken from official press release

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