Lock into some Deep Grooves II

Groovin' like a Sunday afternoon
Groovin' like a Sunday afternoon

All too often, instructional CDs and DVDs are made by "name" drummers who are all flash and no substance. They're not really teachers. The name Dom Moio might not be on everybody's lips, but he's a master behind the kit. Better yet, he can actually break it all down for you. On a very useful book and CD, he teams up with a famous friend, Steve Gadd. Rarely have lessons been this, well, groovin'.

Veteran drummer, clinician, and instructor, Dom Moio's book and CD, Deep Grooves II (the follow-up to Deep Grooves -- duh) finds Moio and Steve Gadd tackling five different groove styles: Afro Cuban 6/8, Slow Samba, Cha Cha, Mozambique, and Fast Samba. Each style is performed three different ways: Full Groove, with Steve and Dom playing; then the same track with just Steve Gadd; and finally the same track with just Dom Moio. The concept for the book is to play along with the tracks provided. All tracks have written transcriptions so the reader can learn and follow the groove.

As Moio states in his forward: "The patterns I have written represent the basic idea of the grooves, but we played together live for these tracks, no loops, so we were interacting with one another and playing around the grooves. So when you see the patterns written, take it as a guide and play whatever you hear and just groove with it."

This book is a great tool for drummers, but works for all instrumentalists looking for fantastic play-along groove tracks. Deep Grooves II -- In The Pocket play-along book & CD has been can be ordered online for $20.00 U.S. list.

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