Karl Brazil talks Feeder's return, loud kits and recording with Robbie

As 2016 made way for 2017, Karl Brazil continued to stake his claim as the busiest drummer on the planet as he wrapped up work on new albums from Feeder and Robbie Williams.

We caught up with the session legend to get the inside word on both records.

How easy was it to slip back into the Feeder gig?

"It was like we had never been away! We have such great chemistry together on and off stage, and slipping in was easy to be honest. We understand each other very well musically and seem to gel very well in the studio too. It's always a great workout for me as you would expect. Grant [Nicholas] loves putting me through my paces."

At what stage did you come in, were you writing material together?

"Grant turns up with plenty of ideas usually. We then jam through various sections and riffs in a live room to see what works and what has potential. It's amazing to hear how everything turns out in the end as it is just the bare bones of guitar, bass and drums at first. We start recording once the arrangements and tempos are all nailed. This is the real fun part! We have had some great laughs recording All Bright Electric. Grant's favourite line on the talk back is, 'Let's do it again, in time.' Ha!"

[I mainly used]ainly Gretsch drums with the odd vintage shell here and there. It is all about getting a bit of character in the drum sound which we work hard at.

What kit did you use in the studio?

"Mainly Gretsch drums with the odd vintage shell here and there. It is all about getting a bit of character in the drum sound which we work hard at. It was Gretsch USA custom and New Classic shells that were mainly used. I'm a snare freak and believe it can change the sound of a song so I've used many different ones on the album. Sabian Artisans are also all over this album."

What kind of kit sound were you going for?

"Big, loud, warm and fat was the brief. I think we got that big time. I really love the sound we got at Angelic Studios. What a great studio. I like to feel the drums when listening back. That's Feeder!"

Do you have any favourite tracks on the album, drum-wise?

"All of them! It's a journey of great sounds and I'm honestly very proud of this album. I think this Feeder album is the best one I've played on. The boys definitely are back. Universe Of Life, Holy Water and Geezer are my favourites at the moment. It's a great album for air-drummers I think."

Will you be touring with the band?

"Sadly I will not be on the next tour due to diary clashes. It's a real shame and I'm totally gutted to be honest. I'd love to play this album live, it will be so much fun. I'll have to wait for the next run I guess. But I'll be back."

We hear you're also in the studio with Robbie Williams…

"I've been lucky enough to be involved on the writing side too as well as the recording side. I'm also excited to be in the studio with James Blunt and Ed Sheeran over the next month recording a few tracks too."

Rich Chamberlain

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