Jon Brookes to feature on new Charlatans album

Band to use late drummer's beats
Band to use late drummer's beats (Image credit: Robb Cohen/Retna Ltd/Corbis)

The Charlatans are to use drum tracks from the late Jon Brookes on their forthcoming album.

Brookes passed away earlier this year after a battle with cancer, but had been laying down tracks for the Brit rock band's new record.

Frontman Tim Burgess explained: "He has left us a lot and we can piece together a few things. We have got one song and we think that it is fantastic. That to me is the starting point and it is the first time we have really agreed on a song completely in quite a long time. This particular one can feature Jon's drumming. The album will feature Jon, even songs that aren't written will include Jon in the writing. He's just going to be part of it."

Rich Chamberlain

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