Hammerax Whipcrash bronze cymbals

This is a great CD cover for somebody
This is a great CD cover for somebody

If you're a drummer, you know there's nothing better that hitting a cymbal that gives you something back -- a surprise, a new sound, a hot stock tip. Hammerax's new Whipcrash bronze cymbals may not help your financial portfolio (well, on second thought, they might), but on the first two counts they're a solid hit.

Whipcrash cymbals feature an S-shaped array of hammered microcups which can be stick-raked hard or softly to create one-hand crescendos and decrescendos. These microcups are not attached jingles -- they are formed directly into the cymbal bronze through hammering. The 10 microcups also add complexity to the sound. By raking the microcups gradually toward or away the tip of the stick, strange phase shift sounds can be acheived.

Whipcrash cymbals are very loud and dark. They're heavier than other Hammerax crashes, and with the Hammerax patent pending alloy, they are tough and designed to take a beating. The main bell has a complex and fairly loud tone. The crash tone is very nuanced in the mids with rather subdued highs. Whipcrash cymbals are perfect for loud situations where a dark sound is desired. Plus, they sound great when combined with bright cymbals.

Pricing TBD.

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