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Gretsch unveils Catalina Club Mod in G-Tube graphic finish

G...that looks great!
G...that looks great!

Gretsch's Catalina Club line is a stone-cold winner, and now they've introduced a new addition, the Catalina Club Mod with a G-Tube graphic finish.

Developed specifically for Gretsch, the unique Tube pattern finish offers a visual vibe as distinctive as Catalina Club Mod's tone.

The shell kit comes with a 20 x 22 bass drum, 8 x 12 tom, 14 x 16 floor tom and 6.5 x 14 snare.

Features include:
Mahogany shells with 30-degree bearing edges
Natural interior finish
Matching bass drum hoop inlays
Mini GTS tom suspension system
Offset lugs
Evans G1 batter heads
Black drum hardware

We must say, it looks like a pretty sweet deal, especially for the US list price of $1,075.00.

For more information, visit the official Gretsch website.