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GMS launch rally-striped G28 drums sets

The acrylic G28 with narrow-broad-narrow rally stripes.
The acrylic G28 with narrow-broad-narrow rally stripes.

The GMS Special Edition G28 acrylic drum sets and snare drums feature narrow-broad-narrow rally stripes associated with the legendary GTOs, Firebirds, Camaros, and Cutlass Supreme cars of the '70s. The G28 stripes are welded into the drums 1/4" thick acrylic shells and are available exclusively from GMS.

The drums themselves feature lugs designed to relieve stress on the shell and help minimise lug mass and footprint (shell contact area) to maximize resonance. New long snare drum lugs also provide improved shell support under high-tension tuning.

These acrylic drums are available in nine colour combinations including: white stripes over transparent red, light blue, dark blue, amber, or green; gloss black stripes over amber or silver sparkle; and silver sparkle stripes over gloss black.

For more information, visit the GMS Drum Co. website.