Dave Grohl: Meg White is 'one of my favourite drummers of all time'

Dave Grohl has revealed his love for Meg White's drumming skills.

The Foo Fighter told Rolling Stone that White ranks among his favourite drummers of all time.

He said: "Nowadays, I think it could be hard for a kid to find a favourite drummer, because a lot of that personality is being robbed from these musicians for the sake of perfection, and it's kind of a drag. It's nice to hear drummers like Meg White - one of my favorite f***ing drummers of all time. Like, nobody f***ing plays the drums like that.

"Or the guy from The Black Keys. Watch that guy play the drums - it's crazy. The dude from Vampire Weekend. Like, if any of those people went to the Berklee School of Music they'd never be accepted, because they're not considered technically proficient. But their music has totally changed the world."

Rich Chamberlain

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