Danny Carey: Tool album 'over half way' finished

Tool drummer gives Rhythm update
Tool drummer gives Rhythm update

It was recently revealed that work on Tool's new album had been slowed after Danny Carey suffered broken ribs in a scooter accident. Shortly before the crash the drummer told Rhythm about the record's progress.

"We have six or seven really good frameworks that we're working on," he said. "We're over half way in my opinion. the first tune is always hard to get polished off.

"It seems like on every record we have this big, epic thing like 'Rosetta', 'Wings For Marie' or 'Lateralus'. That's the one we're focusing on now. Once we knock out that, the other songs fall into place around it. We're right on the fringe of knocking that big one out. We're all excited and it seems to have progressed really well."

For much more from Danny on the album and his side project Volto, check the February issue of Rhythm.

Rich Chamberlain

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