Drumeo announces the winners of the Drumeo Awards 2022

Drumeo Drummer Of The Year
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Drumeo, the online drum lesson platform, has announced the winners of its 2022 Awards, which culminated in a live-streamed ceremony on 27 January. The event marks the second annual Drumeo Awards, celebrating the drummers who made the biggest impact in 2022.

Voting for the Drumeo Awards began in December, and featured 75 drummers across 15 publicly-voted categories (as well as Drumeo-decided awards), taking in players from across 16 countries worldwide.

Among the winners were Shane Hawkins, who won Drum Performance of the Year for his tributes to his late father, Taylor Hawkins alongside Foo Fighters at the London and LA Taylor Hawkins Tribute concerts. 

Chad Smith won Drummer of the Year after putting out two new albums with RHCP and making session appearances with Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop and more. Meanwhile, Travis Barker took the crown for Best Rock Drummer in recognition of his work with Blink-182, Avril Lavigne, Machine Gun Kelly and more.

Women were represented strongly, too, with female drummers accounting for winners across five categories. MusicRadar Best Session/Solo Drummer 2022 winner, Sarah Jones (Harry Styles) bagged the prize for Pop Drummer of the Year. 

The R&B/Hip Hop Drummer of the Year award went to Giulliana Merello, Anika Nilles won Contemporary Drummer of the Year, Terri Lyne Carrington was awarded Jazz Drummer of the Year, while Kristina Rybalchenko took home the Instagram Drummer of the Year award.   

Drumeo Awards 2022 winners in full

• Drummer Of The Year: Chad Smith

• Drum Performance Of The Year: Shane Hawkins

• Drum Recording Of The Year: Jay Weinberg

• Rock Drummer Of The Year: Travis Barker

• Metal Drummer Of The Year: Eloy Casagrande

• Progressive Drummer Of The Year: Danny Carey

• Jazz Drummer Of The Year: Terri Lyne Carrington

• Contemporary Drummer Of The Year: Anika Nilles

• Country Drummer Of The Year: Fred Eltringham

• Pop Drummer Of The Year: Sarah Jones

• R&B/Hip-Hop Drummer Of The Year: Giulliana Merello

• Soul/Funk Drummer Of The Year: Nate Smith

YouTube Drummer Of The Year: Samus Paulicelli

• TikTok Drummer Of The Year: El Estepario Siberiano

• Instagram Drummer Of The Year: Kristina Rybalchenko

• The Buddy Rich Award: Phil Collins

• The Jim Chapin Award: Dom Famularo

• The Louie Bellson Award: Chris Turner

• The Viola Smith Award: Yoni Madar

• The Tony Williams Award: Greyson Nekrutman

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