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Ditch your hex key: Tone Vise Keyless Locks are here to simplify your guitar's locking nut

Anyone who’s used a guitar with a locking nut will have experienced the occasional frantic search for a hex key to change their strings, but Texas accessories firm Tone Vise hopes to make that a thing of the past with its new Keyless Locks.

The Locks are designed to be a simple DIY retrofit onto Floyd Rose, Gotoh and Ibanez-style locking nut bases, and installation should just take a few minutes, says Tone Vise.

Custom spring-loaded clamping blocks automatically lift when unlocking, which promises to make for faster string changes.

After installation, the Keyless Locks can be lifted and rotated to players’ preferred positions.

Keyless Locks are available from All Parts now, starting from $45. Head over to Tone Vise for more info.

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