Death By Audio launch the Space Bender chorus pedal with wonderfully bizarre video

Death By Audio
(Image credit: Death By Audio)

Boutique pedal companies seem to be in a friendly competition to decide who can make the best launch video, and we're loving it. Death By Audio certainly gets extra points for the bizarre in the launch film for its new new Space Bender chorus pedal. You'll just have to see it for yourselves.

The pedal itself can go from subtle to the kind of weapons-grade noise we'd expect from DBA, with onboard delay time and modulation for that delay – either a sine wave oscillator in LFO mode or an envelope in ENV mode. It'll get you into flanger territory so it seems pretty versatile from the demos we're seeing. 

This delay time can go from very short (x1) to medium-long (x10). Elsewhere, the Intensity control is your gateway to wild oscillations and feedback when cranked. Ideal for gentle ballads. “Never again will you say this chorus pedal just isn’t intense enough!” says DBA founder Oliver Ackermann.

The Death By Audio Space Bender is $270 / £255 with a special limited edition of 200 White version available exclusively on Reverb

Rob Laing
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