Dawesome's MYTH looks like one of the most innovative soft synths released in 2024 so far


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Part of the Tracktion family, Dawesome is a developer known for making creatively adventurous synth plugins like Kult and Abyss

Today, Dawesome has announced the release of its next software synthesizer. MYTH is an innovative instrument that makes use of resynthesis techniques based on machine learning.

Instead of conventional oscillators, MYTH is equipped with what Dawesome calls an 'iris' - two of these, in fact. Load any audio file into the irises and MYTH will attempt to resynthesize it by analysing the characteristics of the sample and approximating its timbre using non-linear synthesis.

Each iris can be tweaked using various 'transformers', which will transform its character by imposing characteristics from other sounds (waveforms such as square and saw and synthesis techniques such as frequency modulation, physical modelling and oscillator sync) on to the synthesized timbre. These sounds can then be shaped further in the oscillator sections, which also offer virtual analogue oscillators, should you want to take a more conventional approach. 

MYTH's oscillator sections are modular, meaning that various modules can be chained together to create complex timbres. Here, MYTH is well-equipped with an extensive selection of filters and effects. We've got analogue-modelled, comb, vowel and modal filters, six different modulation effects, four types of distortion, three reverbs and much more. There's also a number of MIDI processors in MYTH's module collection, including an arpeggiator, scale device and a chord generation module. 

Almost any parameter in MYTH can be modulated using powerful LFOs that make use of custom drawable waveforms. Modulation sources can be shaped with their own selection of modules, which can be chained together to create complex and evolving modulation signals. There's also a handy modulation matrix for seeing an overview of all modulations at once.

There's tons more to dig into with MYTH; find out more on Tracktion's website or check out a preset demo below.

MYTH is currently priced at $125 and is available for macOS and Windows in AU/VST3 formats.

Read our 2023 interview with Dawesome developer Peter V.

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