The Darkglass Microtubes Infinity pedal combines four effects in one

Darkglass Electronics
(Image credit: Darkglass Electronics)

We love pedals that combine good things together and clearly ace of bass guitar Darkglass agrees. Its new Microtubes Infinity combines all the effects of the Darkglass Microtubes line into one effects pedal

That's three acclaimed Microtubes distortions with the B3K, Vintage and X. In addition there's multi-band compression on every mode and even the option to blend impulse responses between the distortions.

The pedal's compression and distortion can be bypassed independently and each has has five selectable modes, plus five onboard IRs. 

The $599 pedal features the same six-band graphic EQ found on the Darkglass Element is also featured, featuring the same touch-sensitive sliders found on the Darkglass Element pedal. After setting you can save to a preset too. 

The Microtubes Infinity can be used as a four-channel input USB-C audio interface, offers MIDI input, headphone output, XLR DI output and stereo line outputs. It's also got very cool LEDs too! 

More info at Darkglass Electronics

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