The new Darkglass Duality DFZ pedal has two fuzz circuits

(Image credit: Darkglass)

Every bassist needs a fuzz pedal so they might as well make it count with the new Darkglass Duality DFZ – a comeback of sorts from the original Duality Dual Fuzz.

The controls are significantly more streamlined this time to make the most of the central rotary control, and it's packing two discrete fuzz circuits; what Darkglass are calling a 'gated saw-tooth wave and a raunchy high-gain sound'. They can be mixed together to explore wider fuzzy horizons. 

Like the Darkglass Microtubes B1K Overdrive pedal, the £142 Duality DFZ is a compact pedal that could soon earn its place on a mini or larger pedalboard.

More info at Darkglass, and you can check out more demos - including a comparison with the original Duality pedal – below. 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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