D'Angelico Guitars acquires Supro and Pigtronix effects

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D’Angelico Guitars has acquired Supro USA and Pigtronix. “This is going to make all three brands even stronger,” says D'Angelico CEO Brenden Cohen. “I can’t wait for our customers to see what we have in store for them.”

The New York guitar brand and Supro have both found success as relaunched legacy brands and have often paired guitars and amps in marketing campaigns over the years. 

“We have always had a deep appreciation for Supro’s products and brand,” says D’Angelico Chairman John Ferolito Jr. “When the opportunity to acquire the brand arose, we didn’t think twice.” 

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Along with Supro comes Pigtronix. Both companies were previously owned by Absara Audio, located in Long Island, NY. “All three companies having a home base in New York just amplifies the harmony these brands already share,” says D’Angelico COO Jimmy Lovinggood. 

“The last few months have been an extremely challenging time for businesses across the country and around the world—New York City especially. We began this acquisition many months before COVID-19, and although this is a challenging time for every industry, we truly believe in these brands and decided to move forward in full confidence.” 

“It’s a perfect fit, and I am thrilled to be able to continue making new gear for musicians around the world”

Dave Koltai, Chief Technology Officer

Originally founded in Chicago during the '30s, Supro was relaunched in 2013 to significant success. Pigtronix's focus is as a boutique effects designer. 

“The acquisition of Supro and Pigtronix by D’Angelico creates a trifecta,” says Dave Koltai, former co-owner of Supro and Pigtronix. “It’s a perfect fit, and I am thrilled to be able to continue making new gear for musicians around the world.” 

D'Angelico Brandon Niederauer Atlantic electric guitar

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Koltai will remain onboard as Chief Technology Officer, and will continue to design and develop both Supro Amps and Pigtronix Pedals, alongside D’Angelico’s Executive Vice President of Product Development, Ryan Kershaw. 

“This is going to allow us to take everything we do to the next level,” says Kershaw. 

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