Danelectro has announced a new Baby Sitar in Vintage Aqua and we want one

(Image credit: Danelectro)

Now and again even we want to play something other than our electric guitar – usually to add an extra layer and texture to a recording without going down the effects pedal wormhole. So the news Danelectro is releasing a lovely new finish for its Baby Sitar is music to our ears.

Whether you want to jam Paint It Black and Norwegian Wood, or come up with your own ideas, this is an accessible sitar; you can play it like a normal six-string guitar and adopt your musical ideas without years of study.

Less than 100 original Baby Sitars were made in 1968 and '69 so luckily Danelectro have been reissuing them. This new Vintage Aqua finish joins Brown Burst and Red Crackle in the gourd-shaped Baby Sitar lineup, and we'd expect street prices around the same $599 mark.

The key to the Baby Sitar's sonic hallmarks can be found at the bridge – the Gotoh 'buzz bridge' has scalloped grooves for each string and these are adjustable to set the amount of required sitar effect.

There's a Danelectro lipstick pickup installed close to this bridge for cutting mids and chime. A aluminium nut is fitted to make tuning and intonation assured. 

For more info on Danelectro, head over to danelectro.com

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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