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Crazy Tube Circuits steps into the Limelight with new vintage-voiced fuzz pedal

Athens-based pedal co Crazy Tube Circuits has announced the Limelight, a vintage-voiced fuzz pedal with modern implementation.

Key to the stompbox’s tone are its three hand-selected new old stock germanium transistors, which can be tweaked via the Beam knob - essentially, a bias circuit that promises “virtually limitless” fuzz varieties.

CTC is also boasting that the Limelight is “probably the first fuzz pedal with fat clean boost sounds”, which are accessed via setting Beam all the way up and keeping gain at minimum.

Like other PNP germanium fuzz pedals, the Limelight requires a positive-ground power supply or 9V battery.

The Limelight is available now for €189. Head on over to Crazy Tube Circuits for more info.

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