Computer Music get hands-on with Eventide's Fission plugin


Available to buy now in all major formats for PC and Mac, Fission is an advanced plugin effect for next-level signal dissection, surgical mixing and creative sound-mangling. It’s the first effect to use Eventide’s proprietary Structural Effects technology – a groundbreaking and exciting new algorithm that can split a signal into its Transient and Tonal components for independent processing of each.

Fission is incredibly simple to use: load it over any audio signal, separate a signal into its constituent transient and body elements, then process each component with independent effects, before recombining the signal at the output – all the while maintaining complete phase coherence at every stage.

This next-level approach opens up a whole new universe of processing possibilities, from precise drum tuning, frequency shaping and dynamics sculpting through to cinematic sound design, esoteric weirdness and beyond.

In this four-part video series, Computer Music explores Fission’s corrective and creative applications, taking you through all of its features: from basic signal dividing and workflow shortcuts, through to general-purpose mixing scenarios, and some of the insane sonic transformations you can achieve.

Find out more and download the demo on the Eventide website. Fission is available for PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats and costs $179.


  • Divide any signal into Transient and Tonal elements
  • Perfect the signal division via the Structural Split section
  • Choose one of 13 splitting algorithms
  • Colour-coded waveform display for fine-tuning the split
  • Transient processes: Delays, Dynamics, Phaser, Reverb and Gate/EQ
  • Tonal processes: Compressor, Pitch, Chorus, Reverb/Delay, Tremolo & EQ
  • Reassemble the processed signal with absolute phase coherence
  • Artist presets from Richard Devine, Chris Carter, John Agnello and more
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