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Collision Devices launches mind-bending Black Hole Symmetry delay/reverb/fuzz pedal

Up-and-coming French effects co Collision Devices has announced the Black Hole Symmetry, a combined delay/reverb/fuzz pedal.

The Ergosphere modulation delay is based around the PT2399 chip and promises warm echoes, with control over mix, time, feedback and modulation, plus the ability to tweak the speed and trimmer of the main and triangle oscillator.

Next up is the Event Horizon space reverb, based on the FV1 chip, which provides harmonised reverb signals; controls include mix, echo, Radiancy (mix) and pitch.

Finally, Singularity is the pedal’s destruction fuzz, with a single setting: Disintegrate, which adjusts the section’s volume.

We’re intrigued by this one - sounds like an all-in-one space-rock station. It’s available from January for €299; visit Collision Devices for more info.

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