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Chase Bliss Audio is in a playful M O O D with new granular micro-looper/delay pedal

Although it has a number of other pedals in the works, Chase Bliss Audio has surprise-announced the M O O D two-channel granular micro-looper/delay pedal.

The M O O D is designed to be “internally collaborative”, allowing audio to pass back and forth between its two sides, which were developed by Drolo FX and Old Blood Noise Endeavors.

Drolo FX is behind the loop channel, which comprises always-listening micro-loopers, while OBNE developed the wet channel of live spatial effects.

The channels can be routed in three ways, while the onboard effects can be re-recorded in the loop side and overdubbed.

A clock control slows or accelerates both sides in harmonised steps, promising huge potential for soundscape and noise purposes - while Chase Bliss’s usual MIDI, dip-switch and preset implementation are also onboard.

The M O O D is available now for $349. See Chase Bliss Audio for more info.

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