Charvel unleashes six incredible-looking Pro-Mod guitars that will be hitting the shelves this autumn

Charvel Pro-Mod summer 2022 updates
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Charvel has finally lifted the lid on its Jim Root San Dimas model, announcing that Slipknot’s tallest guitarist has swapped chairs within the Fender family.

But Charvel’s not done yet, because it also dropped a G.A.S bomb comprising six more instruments - five guitars and a bass - including a signature model for Marco Sfogli, a signature bass for Anthrax’s Frank Bello, three production run Pro-Mods and one limited edition. Let’s get stuck in.


Marco Sfogli Signature Pro-Mod So-Cal Style 1 HSS FR CM QM - Transparent Purple

Marco Sfogli is a prog-rock powerhouse, playing in bands such as Icefish, PFM, as well as Dream Theater grand fromage, James LaBrie’s solo band. For his first signature model, Marco has opted for a So-Cal Style 1 HSS FR CM QM. Let’s break that title down. 

It’s obviously a So-Cal, so we’re getting that alder S-type body with a scratchplate, and here it’s faced with a quilted maple top (QM) and fitted with a Floyd Rose 1000 series (FR) double-locking vibrato. The whole lot is finished in Transparent Purple, offset by the black scratchplate and chrome hardware.

The neck is caramelised maple (the CM in the title), reinforced with graphite and finished in a hand-rubbed satin urethane. One the front, the fingerboard is also caramelised maple, with Charvel’s 12”-16” compound radius, 22 jumbo frets, cream dots and Luminlay side markers.  

Pickup-wise, there’s an HSS layout of EMG SA singles in the neck and middle position, with a trusty 89 humbucker in the bridge, all of which are wired to a five-way switch and master volume/tone controls with a push/pull to split the humbucker, giving a total of seven selections including the split humbucker. It’ll start shipping in October.

The Marco Sfogli So-Cal Style 1 will be shipping in October, priced at ($1,599.99 £1,629.00, €1,899.00).

Pro-Mod So-Cal Style 1 HSH FR M - Cherry Kiss Burst

Charvel Pro-Mod So-Cal Style 1 HSH FR M – Cherry Kiss Burst

(Image credit: Charvel)

Taking a step towards tradition, the Pro-Mod So-Cal Style 1 HSH FR M comes with some Strat-like features such as the alder doublecut outline, and the Cherry Kiss Burst finish. But that’s where the conservative design ends, because it’s also firing on an HSH pickup layout and has the hot-rod appointments we’ve come to expect from Charvel.

There’s the graphite-reinforced maple neck, heel-mounted truss rod wheel and a 12”-16”, 22-fret (jumbo) compound radius fingerboard. The FR stands for Floyd Rose - once again a 1000 Series model.

Electronically, it’s speaking through three Seymour Duncans with a Distortion SH-6N in the neck, a Flat Strat single coil in the middle and a Distortion TB-6 humbucker in the bridge. These are controlled by a five-way blade, a master volume and no-load tone control which bypasses itself from the circuit when set to max. It's due to hit stores in October with a full price of $1,099.99/£1,029.00/€1,199.00.

Pro-Mod San Dimas Style 1 HH FR E Ash - Sunburn

Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas Style 1 HH FR E Ash – Sunburn

(Image credit: Charvel)

Get a load of that finish! It’s called Sunburn and it’s been created by sandblasting the body of this San Dimas to bring out the open grain and texture of the ash body when painted. The neck is maple, once again reinforced with graphite and featuring a 22-fret, 12”-16” compound radius fingerboard - this time in ebony, plus the fret edges have been rolled to give it a played-in feel. Once again there’s a Floyd Rose 1000 Series vibrato and black Charvel tuners.

The pickups are from DiMarzio - a PAF Pro DP151 in the neck position, and a Super Distortion DP-100 in the bridge which have both been colour-matched to the tone of the Sunburn graduated burst. They’re wired to a three-way blade switch with master volume and tone controls including a coil-split for both pickups, and combining the outer coils for both pickups in the middle position when the push/pull is engaged.

It'll be available in October, priced at $1,399.99/£1,159.00/€1,349.00.

Limited Edition Pro-Mod San Dimas Style 1 HH FR M - Sin City Sparkle

Charvel Limited Edition Pro-Mod San Dimas Style 1 HH FR M – Sin City Sparkle

(Image credit: Charvel)

It says Limited Edition, but Charvel hasn’t actually mentioned whether that’s a limited number, or a limited production time. Either way, we love the look of this Dan Dimas, which appears to have been left in the wash with a Gretsch Sparkle Jet.

 You know the drill by now: alder body graphite-reinforced maple neck (satin finish), 12”-16” compound radius fingerboard with 22 jumbo frets, Floyd Rose 1000 series vibrato. But this time it comes wearing that ace Sin City Sparkle finish complete with a matching headstock.

The pickups are old faithfuls too, with a Seymour Duncan JB/’59 pairing that we all know and love, this time direct-mounted into the body and wired to a 3-position blade, master volume control with push/pull splitting for both pickups, and a no-load tone pot. You'll have to wait until September to bag one, and it's priced at $1,399.99/£1,119.00/€1,299.00.

Pro-Mod DK22 SSS 2PT CM Mahogany with Walnut 

Charvel Pro-Mod DK22 SSS 2PT CM Mahogany with Walnut

(Image credit: Charvel)

With a collection of woods that reads like a furniture-maker’s order sheet, we’re treated to a reserved-looking timber buffet of mahogany capped with figured walnut and a caramelised maple neck with this Dinky. It’s made even more ornate by the inclusion of a gold Gotoh Custom 510 trem, matching Charvel tuners and some classy-looking pearloid dots on the fingerboard face (caramelised maple, 22-fret, 12”-16” compound radius), and there are Luminlay dots on the side.

To the back, the neck has a sculpted “shredder’s cut” heel plus a scalloped back bout making it easy to get to the unpaid frets.

But wait! No humbucker?! Look again. This San Dimas may be described as an SSS, but that bridge pickup is in fact a Seymour Duncan Custom Hot Rails Strat SHR-1B. It’s joined by a Seymour Duncan Custom Flat Strat SSL-6 single coil in the middle, and an SSL-6 RWRP in the neck.

Charvel has borrowed a leaf out of EVH’s book with a 500k EVH Bourns Low Friction volume pot, and a no-load tone control, adding up to what it says is a “sleek new instrument designed especially for a new breed of player whose musical vision and versatility knows no bounds”. It’ll be arriving in September for $1,399.99/£1,119.99/€1,299.00/$2,899.00.

Frank Bello Signature Pro-Mod So-Cal Bass PJ IV - Gloss Black 


Charvel hasn’t forgotten about the low-enders, specifically, one of the best-known bassists on its artist roster in Anthrax’s Frank Bello. Here, we get Frank and Charvel’s take on the ever-popular PJ configuration. The new four-string has a poplar body with a graphite-reinforced, bolt-on maple neck and maple fingerboard.

The latter is (as you might expect) a 12”-16” compound radius with black block inlays and 20 jumbo frets which have been rolled at the edges to improve comfort whilst thrashing.

Frank has gone with his signature EMG P/J bass pickups, with the P-style split neck pickups and J-style in the bridge. These run back to a pair of volume controls allowing you to blend between them/switch either one in or out.

Hardware-wise, there’s a Charvel HiMass bridge, Charvel open-gear tuners, a TUSQ nut, and it’s completed by the inclusion of a mirrored scratchplate. Expect to start seeing them in stores around October priced at $1,299.99/£1,159.00/€1,349.00.

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