Can you help Orange find its lost '70s effects pedals so it can reissue them?

(Image credit: Orange)

Orange Amplification are calling for anyone who owns one of its very rare effects pedals from the '70s to get in touch.

The Phazer, Sustain and Distortion were made at Orange's UK Bexleyheath factory between 1977 to 1979 and are the first pedals the company ever made.

Orange now has plans to reissue them after finding the original schematics for the pedals while housecleaning during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

They were then passed to the company’s designer Ade Emsley. Now Orange needs the physical pedals to get the complete picture before any possible reissues with upgrades.

Orange will then be able to find the exact dimensions of the originals and learn additional insight from their owners.

So if you're out there with one of these three rare pedals, please get in touch with Orange via  FacebookTwitterInstagram or e-mail them through their website at

Rob Laing
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