Can Ola Englund get Dimebag Darrell's Pantera guitar tone on a Spark Mini amp? Let's find out…

Positive Grid
(Image credit: Positive Grid)

Ola Englund knows his Pantera – and even Zakk Wylde learned a Dimebag guitar solo using his videos. But can he get the late legend's super saturated rhythm tone out of a little Positive Grid Spark Mini practice amp?  

Well check out the video above to find out, but we're impressed (semi-spoiler: it chugs) – we already know from our review that the Spark Mini is great, but it's interesting watching someone like Ola dialling in an iconic tone and getting such great results.

The best part Ola has uploaded his Dimebag tone Positive Grid ToneCloud for users to try for themselves. Just search for Ola Englund. 

You can buy the Spark Mini direct from Positive Grid or Amazon in the US and UK

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