Build your own drive pedal with MOD Kits DIY's Saturator

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There comes the time in all of our guitar playing lives where we feel the urge to fix up our guitar, maybe fire up the soldering iron and swap out a pickup. But more adventurous will not stop there.

There must be many of those more adventurous players out there, those looking at the fast-growing handmade guitar effects pedal market, and wanting to get in on the fun. 

Well, that's where MOD Kits DIY could come in, and their new overdive pedal, The Saturator, offers a build-your-own starter kit that lets you get your hands dirty in the act of expanding your pedalboard.

The Saturator has a bright-red, laser-etched metal enclosure and oh-so-simple controls; a footswitch to turn it on, and level for dialling in the pedal's output the Soak control to dial in the dirt you want. 

Fully counterclockwise on the Soak knob and the pedal runs clean. When the pedal is in clean mode, you can dial in up to +30db of clean boost through the level control. Unity gain is at eight o-clock.

As for assembling it, MOD Kits DIY say it's a 2 out of 5 on the difficulty scale.

In other words: achievable. The Saturator comes with pre-drilled enclosure, point-to-point wiring diagrams and there is a wealth of support documents on the MOD Kits DIY website to help you through with it. 

All you will need is perhaps a screwdriver or two, a soldering iron and a steady hand.

Oh and $47.95 plus shipping. Order from Amplified Parts.

For more details see MOD Kits DIY.

Jonathan Horsley

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