Brainworx’s Diezel Herbert guitar amp plugin lands in native formats, offering heavy rock and metal tones for all

Previously exclusive to the UAD platform, Brainworx has now brought its Diezel Herbert amp sim plugin to native formats. Designed for heavy rock and metal, this 180-watt monster is an emulation of Peter Diezel and Peter Stapfer’s hardware original, and offers three distinct channels.

For a classic Diezel clean sound, go for Channel 1, which gives you plenty of headroom and polished mids, while Channel 2 offers growly crunch combined with dynamic and punchy attack. Channel 3, meanwhile, will suit high-gain hounds, enabling you to “join the heavy guitar gods and shred with pure distorted madness”.

On top of this, there’s Brainworx’s signature FX rack, which offers a noise gate, switchable high- and low-pass filters, and a so-called Power Soak circuit that enables you to control the amount of overdrive without cranking up the gain.

You’ll also find 120 Brainworx Recording Chains; based on Impulse Responses, these emulate the sound of classic cabinets, vintage mics and legendary outboard gear, all tracked through Brainworx’s Neve VXS 72 console emulation.

Find out more and download a 14-day trial version on the Plugin Alliance website. Diezel Herbert is available in VST/AU/AAX formats for PC and Mac - it comes as part of Plugin Alliance’s Mega Bundle subscription and is also available on its own for $149. 

Ben Rogerson

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