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Boss unveils Waza Craft versions of the DC-2 Dimension C and… MT-2 Metal Zone

Boss has announced made-in-Japan Waza Craft versions of the long-discontinued DC-2 Dimension C and, surprisingly, the much-maligned yet massive-selling MT-2 Metal Zone.

The DC-2 has become a cult favourite in the years since it was discontinued in 1989, and now the DC-2W continues that legacy with the same four-button preset interface, but adds LED status indicators and more reliable electronic switching.

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There’s also an additional switch to replicate the DC-2 and SDD-320 Dimension D, which the original DC-2 was based on.

Like the original, pressing two switches together yields additional variations, making for a total of 20 sounds.

Stereo inputs and outputs are onboard, as is a premium bypass buffer, and Boss is touting the effect’s suitability for guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals and just about anything else.

More guitar-centric is the MT-2W, which adds a new Custom mode designed for more contemporary high-gain tones.

Boss is also promising improved clarity and lower noise, and a premium buffer, while the three-band EQ and 15dB of boost/cut return from the original.

The DC-2W and MT-2W are available now for $339/£202/€229 and $189/£131/€149 respectively. See Boss for more info.

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