Boss reveals 'most powerful ever' SY-1000 guitar and bass synth

Boss has unveiled its latest and - maybe - greatest synth pedal yet. Touted as its most powerful to date, the SY-1000 offers 150 sounds, but that's just a starting point.

Patch-building with up to three instruments could easily lead you down a sonic rabbit hole of further tweakable parameters for mixing, tone shaping and tuning. 

With such a tempting maze of possibilities, the SY-1000s interface is going to be key, and here the amp and pedal giant has wisely built upon the foundations laid in its flagship GT-1000 multi-effects processor, with a central LCD and hands-on knobs augmented with eight customisable foot switches.

The SY-1000 is available now at $999.99.

(Image credit: Boss)

SY-1000 guitar and bass synth specifications

(Image credit: Boss)

Instruments parts: 3

Instruments types
Guitar mode
Guitar synthesizer: 3 types (DYNAMIC SYNTH, OSC SYNTH, GR-300)
Electric guitar + Amp modeling: (Guitar = 13 types, Amp = 31 types)
Acoustic + Amp modeling: (Acoustic = 10 types, Amp = 31 types)
Bass + Amp modeling: (Bass = 3 types, Amp = 31 types)
Vio guitar modeling: 13 types
Poly FX: 5 types

•Bass mode
Bass synthesizer: 3 types (DYNAMIC SYNTH, OSC SYNTH, ANALOG GR)
Bass + Amp modeling: (Bass = 11 types, Amp = 31 types)
AC bass + Amp modeling: (AC bass = 1 type, Amp = 31 types)
Electric guitar + Amp modeling: (Guitar = 3 types, Amp = 31 types)
Poly FX: 5 types

Alternate Tuning
Guitar mode: OPEN (D, E, G, A), DROP (D to A), D-MODAL, NASHVILLE, SHIFT (-12 to +12), USER, 12-string guitar function
• Bass mode: SHIFT (-12 to +12), USER, 12-string bass function

Effects: 150+ types

Patch Memory
Guitar mode: 200 (Preset) + 200 (User)
• Bass mode: 200 (Preset) + 200 (User)

Sample Rate: 48 kHz

Controls: BANK DOWN switch, BANK UP switch, CTL1--2 switches, 1--4 switches, POWER switch, INST button, EFFECTS button, CTL button, EXIT button, WRITE button, SYSTEM button, PAGE button; 1--6 knobs, OUTPUT LEVEL knob

Display: Graphic LCD (512 x 160 dots, backlit LCD)

• GK IN connector: 13-pin DIN type
• GUITAR INPUT jack, SEND jack, RETURN jack, MAIN OUTPUT (L/PHONES, R/MONO) jacks, SUB OUTPUT (L, R/MONO) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type
• CTL3, 4/EXP1 jack, CTL5, 6/EXP2 jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type
• USB COMPUTER port: USB B type (supports High-Speed USB, USB Audio, and USB MIDI)
• MIDI (IN, OUT/THRU) connectors
DC IN jack


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