Blackstar just added a very useful feature with an update of its ID: Core 10 V4 practice amp

Blackstar ID:Core 10
(Image credit: Blackstar Amplification)

Blackstar's ID:Core 10 was already a winning combo practice amp and now the Brits have made it even better by revealing a version with Bluetooth connectivity.

The 10-watt is already a popular home-friendly option in the line for combining compact dimensions with Blackstar's Super Wide Stereo via a pair of 3" speakers, and now streaming audio from your phone to play along to has never been easier.

Blackstar ID:Core 10

(Image credit: Blackstar Amplification)

The guitar amp features six amp voices and 12 digital effects to cover a lot of ground for beginners and established players alike. It's also compatible with Blackstar's PB-1 if you want to take it away with you.

In addition, players can refine their speaker sound and tones with Blackstar's CabRig Lite – available via the company's Architect software. 

The Bluetooth models costs £179, while the established standard model is £129. 

Check out the Blackstar's ID:Core 10 at Andertons, Gear4music and Blackstar

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