Best trem systems 2023: From Floyd Rose to Bigsby, Duesenberg to Gotoh, here are the best tremolo systems we've ever used

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The invention of the tremolo was a monumental turning point for the electric guitar. The humble wigglestick gifted guitarists with an unprecedented level of self-expression with the best trem systems opening up a whole new world of sonic possibilities. From its modest beginnings in the late '20s to the dive-bomb craze of the '80s, the whammy bar has been an omnipresent aspect of guitar that many set out to conquer.  

Of course, with so many options out there, it can be tough to know where to start. That's where this guide comes in. We've scoured the market and put together a comprehensive list of the best tremolo systems available, so you can make an informed decision and find the perfect fit for your playing style. From classic vintage-style systems to modern, high-tech innovations, we've got you covered. 

Whether you're looking to heavily modify your current axe, upgrade the trem you have, or you're seeking a no tools required option, you'll find it here. So buckle up and get ready to take your playing to new heights with the ultimate guide to the best guitar tremolo systems, whammy bars, and vibrato units.

Best trem systems: Product guide

Best trem systems: Buying advice

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What is a trem system on a guitar?

Okay, so technically, a tremolo system isn't tremolo at all. Rather, these pitch-altering devices are, in fact, vibrato arms. Out with the whammy bar, the term tremolo refers to the oscillation of volume, while vibrato is the name given to changes in pitch. However, they have been misnamed for decades now, and the term has stuck. 

Now, while tremolo systems come in various shapes and sizes, they all do the same thing - they allow guitarists to drastically change the pitch of their strings by pulling down on the bar. 

Need to know how to set up your trem? Well, follow the link and we'll walk you through the entire process.  

What are the disadvantages of a guitar with a tremolo arm?

So, while the humble whammy bar grants the user endless possibilities when it comes to pitch variation, it does come at a cost. Unsurprisingly, wailing on the vibrato arm like it owes you money will often leave your guitar wildly out of tune! 

That said, locking options are available for Floyd Rose and Kahler if you fancy learning how to play those fierce '80s dive bombs.  

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