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Behringer’s Poly D synth could be the ‘polyphonic Minimoog’ you always wanted

OK, this is getting silly now. Behringer is launching new synths at a frankly alarming rate, and its latest - the Poly D - is potentially its most interesting yet. Essentially a 4-voice version of the company’s Model D synth, it’s akin to a polyphonic Minimoog, and explains the Warp Drive teaser from last week.

The Poly D can still be used in monophonic mode, but you can also switch to Poly mode for playing chords, or choose Unison mode to get all voices stacked.

Said to faithfully emulate the original Moog circuitry, the Poly D offers four VCOs. The first three feature triangular/saw, saw, square, wide pulse and narrow pulse waveform options, while the fourth can access triangular, reverse saw, saw, square, wide pulse and narrow pulse.

You also get a classic 24 dB ladder filter with VCA, an LFO, BBD stereo chorus, distortion, a 32-step sequencer and an arpeggiator. Connectivity includes MIDI In, Out and Thru over USB and DIN and a range of control inputs and outputs.

The Poly D has a 37-note full-size keyboard, and the upper panel - which contains 84 controls - can be tilted up for even easier access.

If Behringer has got this one right, our prediction is that it’s going to fly off the shelves, but when it will be landing on said shelves - and how much it’ll cost - remains to be seen. Find out more on the Behringer website

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Behringer Poly D

(Image credit: Behringer)
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Behringer Poly D

(Image credit: Behringer)
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