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BeepStreet’s DerVoco is a vintage vocoder plugin for your iPhone and iPad

BeepStreet has released DerVoco, a vintage vocoder emulation for iOS. This features analogue-modelled filters, envelope followers and companders and is designed to give you a warm, vintage sound.

Load up the app as an AU effect (it doesn’t run standalone) and you can use the internal polyphonic VCO as a carrier that can be controlled by MIDI. There’s also a special input mode in which the carrier and modulator signals are mixed in the left and right channels so that any synth plugin can be used as a carrier signal.

Other features include controllable filter resonance and a built-in compressor and noise gate.

DerVoco is available now for iPhone and iPad from the Apple App Store. It costs $4.99/£4.99.

Ben Rogerson

I’m the Group Content Manager for MusicRadar, specialising in all things tech. I’ve been playing the piano, gigging in bands and failing to finish tracks at home for more than 30 years, 20 of which I’ve also spent writing about music technology.