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Musikmesse 2011: Warwick introduces WA series bass amp heads and cabs

New 'workhorse' bass amplification from Warwick.
New 'workhorse' bass amplification from Warwick.

Musikmesse 2011 PRESS RELEASE:

The WA300 and WA600 Amp Heads

Warwick has always been equally dedicated to excellence when it comes to amplification as when it comes to our outstanding range of bass guitars. As the bass universe expands and demand on gear grows, we have to meet it.

Warwick has won numerous awards and attracted some of the greatest bass players in the world to its Hellborg amplification system. Now it is finally time for this benchmark-setting quality to trickle down to all our range.

The new WA/BC series: the WA 300 and WA 600 Bass Heads. These workhorses include 10 band graphic equalizers, bass and treble controls, adjustable compressors and passive and active inputs. So, everything you need for your tonal processing needs.

Extra features include the FX loop, auxiliary input for your iPod or mp3 player, headphone jack on the front for practicing at home, DI output with ground lift tuner output, line output and more. Transportation and storage is no problem with a 19-inch rack mountable chassis and weight under 20 kg for the WA600 and a mere 10kg for the WA300.

The WCA 115 and WCA 410 Cabs

From the pickup's pole magnets to the eardrum, the mixing and matching of drivers, cabinets, damping materials and electronics is the key to translating string vibration into soul-stirring sound. It is half science, half art and the skill needed to balance the two makes the difference between an average speaker and one that shakes your entire body.

Our new offerings to accompany the new WA/BC amp series are the WCA115 and WCA410. WCA 410 is driven by 4 of our new 10-inch bass drivers in combination with a fresh approach to the classic bullet horn, one of our brand new developments.

In a well-matched birch ply box, this is a classic in the making. WCA115 is a bass frequency mover par excellence, conceived to accompany the WCA410 where more power is needed. With it, your music will move more than what's just in front of it.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Warwick.

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