Cool and classic basses: Yamaha Attitude Limited II

The Attitude Limited and this Attitude Limited II Bass were both developed for, and with the help of, bassmeister Billy Sheehan.

Obviously it was based on a Fender, but with very specific design changes such as the slab body and the stereo circuitry. To operate this in true stereo required two separate amplifiers, but used in this way the bass is simply awesome in sound.

The electronics are consequently a bit strange and incorporates switching on the controls, but at least this also allows for mono operation. The two jack sockets set into a slanted recess in the body surface and curiously the Woofer pickup (Yamaha's word) is semi-hidden beneath a cover of the same material as the scratchplate.

In addition, the five uppermost frets are scalloped to assist in the bending of the top two strings, something that Billy was fond of doing. To give this more general appeal Yamaha also made it available as the Attitude Special Bass with regular mono circuitry.

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