Cool and classic basses: Ernie Ball Music Man Piezo StingRay Bass

The original StingRay design is definitely a thing of beauty so how do you install a second pickup to increase the tonal range without compromising that simplicity - fit Piezo transducers under the bridge saddles!

An additional cover on the back of the body reveals a cavity beneath the bridge where the Piezo circuitry and trimming pots can be accessed. The bridge is the shorter based design that was introduced when the individual string dampers were dropped. The control plate handles the five controls rather neatly but although the additional pickup gives this an increased range of sounds the two sound sources are too close together to produce any real 'hollow' sounds.

However, there is something of a sweet spot here thanks to the surprisingly warm element coming from the Piezo circuitry. Left handed and fretless models sold at the same price and the sheer range of colours available is quite frankly amazing with some having matching headstock finishes too.

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