Brian May Guitars announces... Brian May Bass!

Bass-playing fans of Brian May's legendary Red Special guitar will find themselves reaching for their wallets in a flash when they wrap their eyeballs around the new Brian May Bass from Brian May Guitars.

Here's the official skinny:

"House Music is proud to announce the latest - and lowest - addition to the world renowned Brian May Guitars product line.The Brian May Bass is a 'medium' scale instrument, made in the same spirit as Brian's 'Old Lady' six-string guitar.

"It features a compact, bound mahogany body and 31.5-inch scale neck, topped with a 20 fret ebony fingerboard.Tone is supplied by vintage-styled chrome-covered humbucking neck and rear-position single-coil pickups hooked up to a classic, passive volume/volume/tone circuit.

"Hardware comprises chrome high-mass roller-bridge, 'retro' control knobs and state-of-the-art Hipshot tuners.The 'Bri Bass' is strung with Bass Centre Elites Flatwound strings for super-smooth fundamentals and in keeping with the classic Brian May styling it's finished in a deep Cherry Red with a one-piece black scratchplate."

The Brian May Bass has a UK RRP of £715, complete with gig bag. Visit Brian May Guitars for more.

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