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Barefaced Audio GX cabinets are the world’s lightest and most powerful 10” and 12” guitar cabs

Every guitarist wants more consistent tone from gig to gig, as well as a rig that’s easy to move, and that’s exactly what UK firm Barefaced Audio’s new GX and GXII guitar cabs provide.

Barefaced has been making award-winning bass guitar cabinets for 10 years, and for its first guitar designs, it’s set out to change the game with its patent-pending Augmented Vent Diffractor (AVD) technology.

Rather than being closed or open-backed, AVD takes the sound from the rear of the cone and disperses it around the room. Not only does that mean you hear your tone better wherever you’re standing, but the cab also delivers twice the output, as the front and rear of the cone are working in unison.

So, plug in a Barefaced GXII 1x12” AVD 75W guitar cab, and it will be as loud as a comparable 2x12 while offering a more consistent tone.

Barefaced offers a range of configurations, too, including 10” and 12” models, American or British voicings and even cosmetic customisations, including a range of tolex, tweed and grille cloth variations.

Best of all, the cabs are easy on your back, with the GX and GXII weighing just 6kg/13lbs and 10kg/22lbs respectively.

For a limited time, the handmade cabs are available with a £100 discount direct from Barefaced Audio, making the GX £329 and the GXII £429 (including UK P&P - international shipping is available) - and there’s even a one-month trial period for all European customers.

For more info on the GX and GXII, visit Barefaced Audio.